SLI question

  freakinmano 00:14 30 Jan 2009

can i run an 8800gt 512mb sli with a 9800gt 512mb?

  3gboosterman 01:15 30 Jan 2009

I believe they have to be the same cards.
Mine are the same brand and spec. and software drivers.

The 8 series cards are now very affordable and i wouldn't want the risk of wasting money on a card that turns out not to be compatible.
Especially if you for example buy a used one.

  freakinmano 01:52 30 Jan 2009

well im having troble finding the same exact card that i have so can i use any 8800gt 512mb card then. i always thought that it had to be the same exact card but i heard that a guy was running a 512mb with a 256mb card and it was working just fine.

  3gboosterman 06:20 30 Jan 2009

Ooh, i don't know about that guys story.

Its like asking a long legged guy to run along with a short legged one at different speeds/distance and tied at the ankles. he he he!!

What card and brand are you looking for?
I'd be pleased see if I can find one for you.

  Pine Man 09:34 30 Jan 2009

The SLI 'rules' are quite clear in that you MUST use two cards which are the same.

In a lot of cases you are far better off not using two cards. For a start you will have twice as much fan noise and twice as much power will be required from your PSU if it is able to provide it.

When I was considering adding a second card for my mobo I actually followed the advice given by a lot of people and dumped my old gfx card and bought one really good one to replace it.

  freakinmano 16:22 30 Jan 2009


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