SLI graphics, or lack thereof

  Kate B 11:07 17 May 2006

Some of you know that I have a rather wonderful gaming beast. Recently Windows stopped recognising one of the Nvidia 6800 Ultras that run in SLI in it, then the second one appeared to die - no graphics output.

The computer manufacturer offered me a good deal on upgrading so I upgraded over the weekend to two 7900GTXs. The found hardware wizard recognised both cards but they refused to work in SLI. I reinstalled both the chipset and graphics drivers and then only one card was recognised and showing up in the device manager.

This morning I switched it on and yet again, no graphics output. Motherboard problem? I can't believe two cards have failed again. I'm beginning to wonder if the first two cards actually failed.

  vinnyT 12:59 17 May 2006

Is the SLI bridge connected properly?

I don't think it is likely, as the psu ran the 6800s (which draw more power), but, maybe the psu is at fault or coming to the end of its life.

Could you try the cards, old and new, in another pc?

  Kate B 16:56 17 May 2006

Yes, it's all connected properly. And the PSU shouldn't be coming to the end of its life - it's only a year old. Haven't got access to another PC with PCI express, unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestions, vinnyT.

  Totally-braindead 17:37 17 May 2006

As a suggestion, why not contact the manufacturer, explain the situation and ask them if when they tested, the cards the cards actually failed.

  User-312386 17:43 17 May 2006

You do have the latest Nvidia drivers dont you?

  Kate B 01:13 18 May 2006

Yup, latest drivers, madboy. Voodoo thinks - and I agree - that it might be the motherboard. I really doubt that FOUR cards have failed in the past couple of weeks. Thanks for your input, folks, and any more thoughts are welcome.

  vinnyT 09:47 18 May 2006

Take a look at the capacitors on the mobo, check to see if there is any bulging/discolouration/splitting, if there is, not sure if it would only affect the gpus.

Some mobos in the past 1 1/2 yrs had a problem with these, that either caused an intermitent fault or broke completely.

Put your mobo into google, ie. asus+capacitor+fault brings up this page click here

Hope this is of some help.

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