sleep,hibernate,stand by.

  bendigo 21:29 06 Jul 2006

I keep hearing more about leaving the computer on all the time, usually in discussions about wasting power. What is the difference between 'Sleep', 'hibernate' and 'stand by', and in which of these states should the computer be left between sessions (including overnight) My habit at the moment is to go to 'stand by' between sessions during the day and close down at night, even turning the cpu power switch off.

  howard63 21:33 06 Jul 2006

I found nothing but problems using sleep, standby or hibernation. I just leave the pc running with a screensaver when unattended for short periods and shut down if not being used for an hour or so. They are all variations on the same theme theoretically saving your work and being back running as you left it the moment you touch a key etc.

  SG Atlantis® 22:00 06 Jul 2006

sleep and standby are one in the same, maybe different levels of power saving.

hibernate is switching your computer off, but all the contents in RAM are loaded onto the hard disk so that when you turn back on, it boots quicker and has all the software open that you were using when you hibernated. It stems from laptops, where everything needs to be optimum.

Computer in our house gets shut down at night or when we are out, on the rest of the time.

  bendigo 19:41 07 Jul 2006

Thanks guys, decision made, carry on as before!!.

  Stuartli 00:01 08 Jul 2006

Hibernate retains all your settings if you use the facility.

  cofi 11:25 11 Jul 2006

As I am having problems getting on to the internet at present,probably something to do with retaining settings,I have taken to using hibernate.This means that the computer not only re-loads much quicker but saves my internet settings.Less problems,less bother etc.I assume there is no harm in doing so.

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