Sleep how often - OR Shutdown?

  AngeTheHippy 07:46 09 Aug 2009

Morning Chaps,
Just returned from short Hospital stay to find I'd left Lappy in sleep mode for >48 hours. Doubt whether it's damaged in any way, but wondered whether a Lappy should be SHUT down say every 24 hours or does it not matter and just keep it in sleep mode? I would have thought it's important to fully shutdown every so often.

Enjoy Sunday,


  gazzaho 07:57 09 Aug 2009

I wouldn't worry so much about using sleep mode, after all it's meant to be used, on a laptop however, hibernation would be preferable over sleep mode as it saves the system state to the hard drive and I believe uses less power when not in use. You're correct however in saying that it should be shut down every so often, memory can become fragmented on a machine that has been left on for a while, this can cause instability.

  AngeTheHippy 08:29 09 Aug 2009

gazzaho, for this. I'll look at Hibernate then as I think (it's 6 months old) it's default settings were set at sleep rather than Hibernaate.


  Technotiger 08:33 09 Aug 2009

Hi, I have never ever used Hibernate or Sleep modes - I only use Shutdown or Re-start. Never had any problems - applicable to both desktop and lappie!

Cheers TT

  Stuartli 08:41 09 Aug 2009

As gazzaho rightly points out Hibernate is preferable to Standby as it Saves all the current settings, open Windows etc before shutting down - using Standby can mean possibly losing data in the event of a power cut or other problems.

I use Hibernate during the day as necessary and do a full Shut Down last thing at night.

  AngeTheHippy 09:03 09 Aug 2009

thinking back to the bad ol' days when working, we HAD to shutdown I think it was every 2 days at end of day - or face execution... 8-D


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