Sleep - can't wake up!

  thamesside 09:23 16 Jun 2009

I have a new computer with Vista Home Basic. If I set it to "sleep" for short periods there is no problem. The power button light flashes and if I press the button the PC resumes where I left off. However if I leave it in sleep mode for a long time, eg overnight, the PC will not awake and I have to turn the mains power off and on and reboot. The PC suppliers say that with modern computers and programs sleep should not be used for long periods. Seems strange. If I want to continue in the morning where I left off in the evening what can I do? Should I use hybernate? How does that work?

  johndrew 09:59 16 Jun 2009

It may be considered unwise to leave your PC on for long periods when unused. The PC is still `live` electrically and is using power, still `warm` and accessible. As a result, there is the risk of damage from electrical power `spikes`, perhaps fire could result and of course it is not particularly `green`.

Whether there is a real problem with it not resuming after long periods of inactivity or whether this is a `feature` of the OS I have no idea. But, it would seem reasonable for it to resume unless there is some form of software problem; bad graphics drivers have been known to cause this kind of anomaly in XP.

  Technotiger 10:24 16 Jun 2009

The PC suppliers are correct, I don't see why you cannot accept their advise - Sleep is not intended for over-night use - unlike me!!

  thamesside 13:37 16 Jun 2009

OK then. The thing is I sometimes start a round of bridge in the evening and put the PC to sleep so that I can carry on with the same game next day. I'll just have to start a new game. I didn't think the PC was using any power while asleep.
I still don't understand the difference between hybernate and sleep.

  woodchip 13:49 16 Jun 2009

You need to go into Control Panel, Power Options Under Hard Drive Set it to never

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