Slave or Cable Select? - Second Hard Drive

  [DELETED] 17:16 07 Sep 2003

I currently have a Compaq Presario 5000 model 5146ea internet pc with 256mb ram running windows ME.

My current hard drive has a capacity of 60gb, and I am currently rapidly running out of space (about 400mb left!).

I have bought a Western Digital Caviar 120gb special edition hard drive from komplett:

click here

I have also bought both accessories as shown on the page.

I needed some help for installation, and was hoping someone could lend a hand.

Firstly, the drive is currently on a factory setting of cable select, and I was wondering if I should change this to slave, as it will be installed as a slave to my current drive.

Also, will I need to use both of the accessories as shown on the page? If not, which one do I need to use?

Thanks in advance,


  bremner 17:27 07 Sep 2003

You should not need either accessory as most machines have IDE cables that accommodate two devices and planty of power connectors.

Yes you will need to change the drive to slave.

I am surprised your system is running with so little hard drive space left. The minimum you should leave is 10% so the swap file can function. I would remove quite alot from your existing drive when you have the other up and running.

  [DELETED] 17:34 07 Sep 2003

As bremner says your current IDE ribbon will have an additional connection in the middle to which you can connect you 2nd hdd. As to power connection it will depend on how many items you already have in your system. Most common setups would have 1/2 HDD, 1/2 CD drives, 1 FDD and these would be accommodated in PC cases.

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