Slave not recognised ?

  [DELETED] 08:09 14 Aug 2003

My second machine master HD is fine, it works, and has not problems. I'm cabled up and 'pin selected' correctly.
My slave is recognised in boot screens as Primary Master 40 Gb and Primary Slave as 6 Gb,in the Device Manager both as "Generic Disk Type 47".
Props for Master are "C" with DMA ticked. Props for Slave have grey out drive letter assignment but clicked "Dma". Both properties tell me that they are 'working properly'.
Hard Disc controllers have no question marks and are liste "dual fifo".
I go into "My Computer" and only C drive is listed, the D drive being the CD.

Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards DM.

  hugh-265156 08:28 14 Aug 2003

are all the ide controller/mobo drivers installed and has the slave drive been formatted?

  [DELETED] 10:37 14 Aug 2003

Derek - - as huggyg71 mentioned, as slave drive been formatted ? What does it show up for this drive when you fdisk it ? ( be careful here).
Had a problem almost exactly like this myself - though my slave had been used as a slave but did a 'funny' after a windows re-install. Have a look here
click here
Also put this on this forum but can't find it right now. It takes some reading, a lot of 'blind' alleys - - read the symptons then scoot to last page or so - - -will try and find where I got the testdisk utility from - - -enjoy !!!

  [DELETED] 10:54 14 Aug 2003

get testdisk 4.4 from click here

this beauty sorted my probs out - -

  [DELETED] 15:15 14 Aug 2003

PC#1 has a 60Gb drive and is my principal machine for all things and has no problems.
I popped in a new 40Gb drive, Fdisked it and formatted it in the usual way. I Ghosted the master to the new slave. I took it out, set it as Master ready to put it in my second PC #2.

Now, my second PC already has the 6Gb drive in it and is working perfectly with just about all the same programmes on it as my 'best' PC.

I now put the new 40Gb drive in the second PC as Master, I change the 6Gb (previously Master)to Slave and couple everything up in the usual way.

Both PC's are now working perfectly with identical programmes but....when I do a check on #2 PC, I cannot locate the 6Gb slave drive in "My Computer" although it appears everywhere else that it should do.

To recap....Device manager shows it but the drive letter box is greyed out, I have no question marks anywhere, the controllers state "fifo" on both. Etcetera Please continue to help. In the meanwhile I will do the 'clicks' as you suggest since it's all part of my education !

  hugh-265156 15:20 14 Aug 2003

does the 6gig drive contain an operating system by any chance?

  [DELETED] 15:33 14 Aug 2003

reading your post the 6gb does have the old operating system on it - - -therefore an active partition. You will be OK here if you fdisk, then format - - unless you have data you wish to retain then the testdisk thingy will be worth a go. Be careful when fdisking, make sure you select the 'select another drive' (or something similar) - -you don't wanna go fdisking the wrong un do ya ??

  [DELETED] 16:05 14 Aug 2003

Yes the 6Gb drive (slave) has got an ME op system on it since it was Ghosted about three months ago from first PC.
Certainly there will be data on it that I would like to retain so what about this...?
If I change over the drives Master to Slave, fire up the 6Gb as the Master, is there anyway that I can delete any offending files including the Op system. Then I could swap the drives back again and perhaps address the non recognised HD ?

.....just had a thought and I think I know what you're going to tell me !!!

  hugh-265156 16:36 14 Aug 2003

if the other drive has xp on it
then use the files and settings transfer wizard to transfer what you want to keep to the new drive in the other computer.then wipe the drive and put it back in again.

start/all programs/accessories/system tools/files and setting transfer wizard

  [DELETED] 16:39 14 Aug 2003

Derek - - I think the easiest way to do this is to wop your 6gb one back in as master, transfer all your data to cdr, wop it out, wop your new drive in as master ( already Ghosted), wop your 6gb as slave, fdisk/format this one and away you go - - - - there's gonna be an easier way than that but just can't see it right now.
Though if you use that utilty thing I told you about you may be able to modify this 6gb one to get data off it.

  [DELETED] 19:25 14 Aug 2003

Huggy and TBH, many thanks.
I'm still using Win ME on all systems but, this reconfig process was to sort all matters before putting XP Pro onto my 'best' machine.
However, I will do as you say and transfer whatever to a CD after putting 6Gb in as Master.
I will then Fdisk and reformat in the usual way hoping that the drive (as slave) will be recognised.
Many thanks to you both and best wishes. Derek Miles.

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