Slave HDD not being seen in new motherboard bios

  brewersfan 23:53 17 Apr 2004

I've upgraded the motherboard, cpu and memory on an existing pc with a 12Gb master and a 60Gb slave HDD. The bios isn't seeing the slave. I know it's not a HDD problem, because if I take the master out, the slave is recognised. If I put the slave on the primary ribbon connector, it's also there. It just won't see them together. The bios detections are set to auto. Any ideas please?

  josie mayhem 23:58 17 Apr 2004

Have you check the jumper setting on the hard drives?

It sounds like you have both your drives set to master drive. Check manuals to see which jumper should be closed if no manual, then you should somewhere on the hard drive have a sticker showing this, normanly found either on the top lable or sometimes near the pins themself.

  powerless 23:58 17 Apr 2004

Check that the jumpers are set for a master and slave config.

  brewersfan 00:07 18 Apr 2004

The jumpers are exactly the same as they were in the old pc where they were master and slave and worked fine. That's what's confusing me. The slave is set to "cable select" and the master is set to I don't know what, as there isn't a label to be seen.

  speedy007 08:02 18 Apr 2004

set the slave to the slave rather than cable select and if there is no id for the other drive then there is only 2 other posible positions anyway.

  Jayne doe 08:19 18 Apr 2004

This might be obvious but if you are using XP then you need to activate the HD in the disc manager. It wont just recognise it by itself. I found this out the hard way. Jayne.

  brewersfan 01:11 19 Apr 2004

Somehow, after much swapping of cables, and returning to the original intended configuration, everything is visible in the bios. However, XP Home now refuses to load properly, in that I have to have the XP disc in the cd drive for it to load. The installation I have is... Master HDD has one partition (NTFS - active), and the Slave HDD also has one partition (extended dos). Where am I going wrong please?

  ened 06:35 19 Apr 2004

brewersfan Unplug the second HDD and get your system running properly.
Turn the machine off.
Make sure the mainHDD jumper is set to Master
Then check the second HDD jumper is set to slave.
Plug it in and reboot.
Look for it in My Computer and format it.
I have always found when you have problems like this it is better to go back to scratch.

  brewersfan 00:58 20 Apr 2004

Thanks for your help and answers on here. XP now installed, but a new problem has arisen, to follow in a new post.

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