Slave HDD

  dfb70uk 14:34 05 Jan 2007

I am thinking of fitting another HDD as a slave to do all my Video editing on.The mother board supports ATA -133 is Ultra ATA 133 the same or at least compatiable. I am running Windows XP the Main HDD is 60Gb, the slave would be 80 or possibly 160Gb.
The spindle speed of the main is 5400 amd the new slave 7200rpm I presume that is unimportant.
Advice appreciated.
David (dfb)

  MichelleC 14:43 05 Jan 2007

If you're video editing it's best to have both at 7200 or else you'll run at lower speed hd when transfering data between the 2. Ideally you'll have the main prog on system hd and do editing etc on slave.

  dfb70uk 23:33 05 Jan 2007

Thanks Michelle C,
When you say main program on system hd,do you mean the editing prog (pinnacle studio 10). I was going to put it on the slave as well as stuff to be edited, not a good idea? Have you done much editing ? I must say I have had a lot of trouble installing Studio 10 and am not too impressed so far.
Thanks again
Regards David

  User-312386 00:03 06 Jan 2007

The reason why you are having trouble with studio10 is that you have a slow HDD (5400rpm) and i assume a computer 2-3 years old

I would add the new drive and use it as slave and put all your video editing files on the slave drive

  dfb70uk 13:19 06 Jan 2007

After spending a lot of time Googling I think I have mastered the fact that there are several names for these interfaces ie Ultra ATA 133 the ultra was added because it is faster than ATA/100. As for Serial ATA or SATA or...just don't go there.
Whist on the subject I can't have a slave on SATA and the main on PATA (UATA/133) can I?

  citadel 13:38 06 Jan 2007

I would get a 160 7200 speed drive and transfer everything over from the old drive and use the new faster drive as the main drive. If you get a retail boxed drive it will come with software to do this. I can recommend seagate drives and software. I would just stick with pata drives for now.

  User-312386 13:57 06 Jan 2007

Yes you can have a slave SATA drive

However, does your motherboard have SATA?

  dfb70uk 19:51 06 Jan 2007

Thanks everybody.
Madboy33, yes it does SATA/150, I've got the cable but would need an adaptor connector for the power. I believe some drives have this supplied.
There is good sense junking the old HDD and transfering everythihg over. I will contenplate that for the future!
Thanks again

  Strawballs 21:40 06 Jan 2007

If you get a copy of acronis true image you can transfer everything to the new drive then get a caddy for your old drive and use it as an external drive for backup's using Acronis.

  dfb70uk 11:34 07 Jan 2007

Thanks Strawballs
That's answered what was going to be my next question. My existing drive is partitioned are those partitions carried across if not, is there a free prog. to create partitions ?

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