Slave HDD

  Holographic_man 15:57 22 Sep 2004

I have just intalled a second HDD as slave. The bios sees it but I can't seem to access it within my computer. I would like to save pictures and games on the hard drive. XP Home any help thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:03 22 Sep 2004

Right click on my computer

choose manage

then disk management

See if it is there and if so you may be able to format it.

  Noelg23 16:05 22 Sep 2004

have you tried formatting the drive? check the cables just to be sure...and the jumpers it on the same IDE cable as the master HDD or the CD-Drive? check to see if the HDD is on slave or master if its on a different IDE cable...could be a number of things...

  keith-236785 16:09 22 Sep 2004

you say you cand access it, i think you will need to fdisk it to prepare it for writing to

first of all, is it visible in My Computer, if it is then right click it and choose format. use full format for the first time, takes longer but not too much

if you cant see it in My Computer then use a windows98 floppy disk, reboot your pc with the floppy disk in and when you get the menu, press shift+F5 (i think its shift, look at the bottom of the menu page and press whatever it says for command prompt only)

once there type fdisk

i think its option5, change fixed drive, choose the slave drive (probably drive2) drive1 should be the first drive. MAKE SURE IT HAS CHANGED BECAUSE AT THIS STAGE YOU COULD WIPE YOUR MAIN DRIVE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

then from the menu (you may have to press ESC to get back to the menu) choose option 1

let it use the full disk space or split it however you wish.

once you have set up the drive/partitions, escape out of fdisk, remove the floppy disk and reboot

once rebooted your new drive should be visible in My Computer but you will still need to format the drive/partitions as described earlier.

good luck

  Holographic_man 16:10 22 Sep 2004

Diodorus Siculus yes it is there, I take it if I can format it I then will be able to use it. It is an older drive 40GB and is in FAT32 I will try and format it now.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:14 22 Sep 2004

Yes, right click on it and format.

But if it is already formatted, I am not sure why you don't see it.

  Holographic_man 16:26 22 Sep 2004

Oh by the way this drive is partition into 3 I take it I need to format each one and the delete them all

  Diodorus Siculus 16:35 22 Sep 2004

Yes, you can format each and keep the three partitions or you can merge all three partitions and make one. Or you can merge two and then have just one big one and one little one. Or you can...

well, you get the idea.

  Holographic_man 19:17 22 Sep 2004

I've done it! but not able to see drive from my computer. Should I try paperman27 idea Diodorus Siculus

Had the same prob, used XPs disk mamagement to format it and reconiges it and use Hdd regular now

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