slave to the hardrive

  exhumed 09:56 16 Aug 2003

I want to instal a slave hardrive but it already has an o/s on it.Simplest way to instal and format information please.

  DieSse 10:02 16 Aug 2003

You could just fit it, and if the computer boots up correctly from your main drive, format it from within Windows.

Otherwise you could connect it temporarliy as Master (disconnect your other drive first). Then start up with a boot floppy, and fdik/format it from there first. Then reset it as Slave and "bob's your uncle".

  LastChip 10:12 16 Aug 2003

Your not too clear about what you want to do.

I think you are saying, I have a spare drive with an operating system on, that I wish to add as a slave. Is that correct?

If so, look at the drive, and somewhere on the case, should be details of how to set the jumper (configure) as a slave drive. Set the jumper and add the drive to the MIDDLE connector of your ribbon cable.

Now boot your machine, and Windows should recognize your second had drive. It will select the next available letter, before any CD/DVD drives, so if you only have a C: drive, it will become D:

Now you can save any files you wish to keep by transferring them to your C: drive and finally format D: to clear the drive of your old operating system, and create a clean D: drive.

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