slave Hard drive wont format more than 30gb win 2k

  richierich 20:21 02 Nov 2004

running pentium 4 pc with 120gig master harddrive.
Added a 80gb to use as slave but when i tried to format it it gets to 99% then says volume is too large and wont format. I tried another disk and the same.
Im running win 2000pro formated using FAT32 (i know ntfs is better but it needs to be FAT 32 for reasons I wont go into).
I did manage to format a partition on it as 30gb and i guess i can format the rest in two more partitions but Id like one large 80gb partition. any ideas you smart people out there.

  marjted 20:56 02 Nov 2004

Seagate site has a number of free downloads to automate the installation and sort out settings when installing hard drives. Very easy and safe to use. I recently used one to install 160Gb on XP but recall having to use one on previous machine - poss with W98 because of a 32Gb max limit which had to be overcome.
Might be worth a look, they work on other makes too.

  richierich 21:01 02 Nov 2004

will check out that site.
Im just confused as to why the master drive is 120gb formated fat 32 ok so why the slave wont work

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 02 Nov 2004

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast3 click here

  richierich 22:30 02 Nov 2004

I will try the download tools from maxtor as it is a maxtor drive and report back on thursday, thanks for all responses.

  temp003 08:50 03 Nov 2004

w2k (and XP)'s formatting utility has a limitation in formatting in FAT32. Its max is 32 GB (it may be MS's way to encourage people to use NTFS). It has no problem reading or writing to a re-formatted FAT32 partition larger than 32GB. You just have to format it in another way.

All you need to do is use a 98 boot floppy to fdisk/format FAT32 partitions. w2k will be able to use them without problems.

  richierich 15:59 03 Nov 2004

that makes sense as that is exactly what Ive found (it formats 30gb ok)
I have a Window 98se cd, how do I make a boot disk from it without doing an install of win 98? or can I download one from somewhere?

  It's Me 17:32 03 Nov 2004
  richierich 18:16 03 Nov 2004

I disconnected master hdrive, connected one to use as slave and rebooted with win 98 cd and let the cd format the hrddrive then quit when it asked o install win 98.
then switched off reconnected master and newly formated drive as slave.
thanks everyone

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