Slave Hard Drive not present...

  bazbazbaz 19:58 15 May 2003

I've installed a new Hard Drive as Master and my old one as Slave and the slave doesn't show on my system. I've switched their positions on the IDE cable and its the same. The master (western digital WD600jb) is set to Dual Master, the IBM slave was originally set to "16 heads-device 0 master" so I set it to "16 heads-device 1 (slave) present" (dont know what 16 heads means).

Used SW for the new drive to set 20gb and 40 gb partitions, which it told me were 16 head and 32 head repectively (no idea if that's relevant).
The dozen other settings for the IBM slave are DEVICE 0 MASTER - CABLE SELECT - DEVICE 1 (SLAVE) PRESENT, each with either: 16 HEADS, 15 HEADS, 2GB CLIP, or AUTOSPIN DISABLE.

Have Windows 98, and I never uninstalled it from my old drive. Thought this was gonna be simple, help appreciated.

  mrdsgs 20:04 15 May 2003

try leaving old hd as device o master (16 heads) and put it at the end of the ide cable.

put new hd as device 1 (slave) and put it in the middle of the ide cable

make sure hd autodetect is activated in your bios when you reboot

report back if that does not work

  bazbazbaz 20:25 15 May 2003

DOH! the drive came from DABS with no instructions or anything and it wasn't even OEM, but I'd been reading what to do at a website anyway. Thanks, I've been arsing about with it all afternoon. Would AUTOSPIN DISABLE be a good setting for a slave?

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