Slave drive trying to boot up??

  compumac 21:52 19 Oct 2010

I have an internal hard drive with the Win XP OS.
I added a second drive that also had Win XP on it taken from a defunct PC. The initial drive was made the master and the second drive was made the slave.

Upon booting up the second drive (the slave) was trying to boot up.
What are the circumstances where there are two internal hard drives one set as master and one set as slave, that the slave tries to boot up?

  gaucho. 21:58 19 Oct 2010

Go into the bios and select the first drive as the boot drive.

  compumac 14:10 20 Oct 2010

There had been a second drive in the unit previously which had functioned OK, so not sure that changing the BIOS would make a difference.

  gengiscant 14:29 20 Oct 2010

Surely,after copying whatever you need from the slave drive,you can format it which will erradicate the problem.
But as 'gaucho'says Go into the bios and look for the Boot Order, very likely it is set to boot to the 2nd hdd.

  compumac 14:56 20 Oct 2010

I put the second hard drive (A) into the PC in order to copy any data that might be on it and then format it. I did not expect it to try to boot from it as the previously installed second drive (B - not bootable) had not been a problem. BUT, - I had not taken into consideration that drive (A) had been a bootable drive that had previously crashed on a now defunct PC.
I take the point as regards to the BIOS and will look into that.

  compumac 19:25 21 Oct 2010

Current situation:
When drive WD 250GB XP is installed by itself itboots up OK, Made it the Master with slave present. Inserted formatted NTFS WD200GB drive as the slave and PC hangs at "INTEL PENTIUM INSIDE" and then after a few minutes "NTDLR is MISSING"
In the Bios the WD250 is set as the first drive with the WD200 as the second.
Any comments??

  woodchip 21:19 21 Oct 2010

BIOS does make a Difference on how its set to boot. it should not be looking for start up files on the slave if its set to second in boot order. it could also be set for BIOS not to try booting from that drive. Well it can in mine as it can be removed from the list of boot drives

  compumac 21:46 21 Oct 2010

I cannot quite get my head around that seemingly the PC is looking at the second drive that does not have a bootup on it before the first drive which is a boot up disc. I did have second drive in this PC some months ago that was a slave and there were no apparent problems then, so why should there be a problem now? Also the BIOS has not been changed since that time.

I will look ito the BIOS again tomorrow to see if the second drive can be removed from the list of boot drives,

  gaucho. 22:06 21 Oct 2010

of motherboard required.

The other thing to try is swap the connections on the ide cable or set both drives to cable select mode.

  compumac 22:30 21 Oct 2010

Have already tried swapping the connections over - but just the same. I have another drive that I have put in as the second drive and it is exactly the same scenario.

  gaucho. 22:39 21 Oct 2010

Try a different IDE cable.

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