5ean 09:45 16 Jan 2004


Have installed Maxtor 120GB slave.

Set jumpers from a guide matching my drive.

Drive recognised in bios and compmgmt.msc but doesn't show up in my comp and show unallocated??? in compmgmt.

What I want to know is should I set it to dynamic disc or not? Would it be better to format as a master then switch it back to a slave?? WHAT IS Dynamic disc exactly?

I'm only using it to store music and video.

Win XP pro

Many many thanks


  ventanas 10:04 16 Jan 2004

Right-click the unallocated drive in the lower half of the disc management window and choose New Partition. Click Next to bypass the welcome screen. I would then suggest on the next screen choosing primary partition. Next screen specify the size required, next screen choose a drive letter and finally file system and label. On the next screen click Finish.

The description on dynamic discs can be lengthy. If you don't know what they are I would leave them alone.

  ventanas 10:07 16 Jan 2004

Should also have mentioned. On the file system screen you can also choose to Perform a quick format. This will avoid the lengthy disc-checking process.

  ventanas 10:11 16 Jan 2004

For Dynamic Disc Info click here

There usual purpose is within servers. I have three on mine.

  5ean 10:13 16 Jan 2004

That only gives me option of NTFS but I know my other drive is FAT32.

If I select quick format will that be FAT32??? Does it matter just for storage??

  5ean 10:15 16 Jan 2004

Definately don't want dynamic disc, thank you!

  ventanas 10:22 16 Jan 2004

There should be drop-down list where you can choose Fat32 instead of NTFS. Have you chosen the correct radio button. eg Format this partition......

Why do want this system though? NTFS is far more reliable. Personally I would choose it, and convert my other drive.

Glad to see you've decided to leave dynamic discs alone.

  5ean 10:27 16 Jan 2004

I had heard NTFS was better but want to leave my other drive alone for now. I'll try it on the new drive as it's only storage and see what happens.

Very grateful for your help.


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