SkyTV on PC

  Audacious 16:07 30 Sep 2006

My widescreen TV has decided not to switch on anymore, rather than pay the £60+ call out charge and no doubt a fair whack to get the thing fixed I thought about hooking up my sky box to my PC and just watch the telly on my PC, until I get enough money to buy a new telly.

I've had a quick search through the forums however wasn't entirely sure what TV card to get. I've found this card on ebuyer click here is that the right thing to get, if so is there any cables etc that I need to hook it up, any help would be appreciated.

  ArrGee 16:11 30 Sep 2006

Here is my set-up:

I have a K-World USB 310U stick plugged into the PC. The Sky box is plugged into this and I can watch Sky on the PC.

There are a number of alternatives to the K-World stick, but it's important to remember one thing.

The Sky output (RF Out) is analogue, so if you buy a device, make sure that it is analogue compatible. A digital stick/card will not work in this kind of setup.

  ArrGee 16:13 30 Sep 2006

It seems as though they have upgraded the stick I mentioned
click here

  Audacious 16:21 30 Sep 2006

Thanks for the fast reply, is it this one click here

  ArrGee 16:22 30 Sep 2006

Yup, that's the one.

  Audacious 16:26 30 Sep 2006

Thanks man, I'll give it go:)

  Audacious 21:40 04 Oct 2006

Just thought I'd post in here if anyone is looking for this info in the future. I bought the above product took a little while to tune in, picture quality was rather poor (loads of lines on the screen) the support information in the manual and on the site is rather poor.

I did a little search and found a site based around problems with sky. As Gee points out sky works through the RF output, now sky sets that output to channel 68, which is odd because the higher up you go the more problems with signal you get.

So to change the RF channel, select services, press 4 (to select setup) then press 0 then 1 and select. You'll now get into the installation setup screen select RF output and change the channel to something lower down, I changed it to 52 and the picture quality was a lot better, of course you'll need to select channel 52 on the media player to see the results.

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