Skype Win 7 or Win 8

  iscanut 20:40 07 Nov 2012

PS...They have opened Skype by clicking on the APP ! Is this the problem and is there a desktop version they should be accessing and if so, where is it ? Sorry to be ignorant but I am not familiar with Win 8.

  Woolwell 21:26 07 Nov 2012

I'll start but my knowledge of W8 is virtually nil. I think that there is a new version of Skype for W8. The app is probably the place to start. What is the actual problem?

  Woolwell 21:29 07 Nov 2012

Read this Skype W8

  kad60 22:10 07 Nov 2012

Interesting in the link provided that when you scroll down it comes to the question...."what version of Skype am i using" then goes on to say not how to find the version but that you 'need' to purchase credit.??? I know M£ bought Skype but is this a subtle explanation.??

  iscanut 22:16 07 Nov 2012

Thanks Woolwell...I will have a read of the article and pay neighbours another visit and have another go. In the previous versions, the menu options were shown across the top and the new version is completely different. Clicking on favourites does not open up a dialog box to enable me to add contacts. However, we were getting into a muddle so a fresh start may help !

  iscanut 22:33 07 Nov 2012

This was my original post. Apologies for breaking up into 2 posts.

I am trying to help a neighbour ( very non computer literate )with setting up Skype. They have a new laptop running Windows 8. The Skype version they have looks very different from my Version 6 on Win 7 and I am struggling to sort it out. It does not seem to have the various options menus to enable the setting up of a new contact and I am not getting very far. Would it be OK for me to install Ver6 ( Win 7 ) version and run this. Would it clash with the Win 8 version ? My first look at Win 8 am not impressed with ease of use.

  rdave13 23:26 07 Nov 2012

To set up a contact, right click anywhere and a bar opens at the bottom to add contact or save number.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:29 08 Nov 2012

iscanut, I paid a visit yesterday to a chap and his wife to support them with their new Windows 8 laptop and encountered the same issue as yourself where they didn't like, or want, the new-fangled Skype "app". I visited the Skype download webpage but got redirected to the Microsoft App Store which offered me the same Skype app that was already installed.

After a while, I found this webpage where I downloaded and installed the Skype for Windows desktop which thankfully looks and behaves just like the version they were used to. The last thing I did was to remove the original Skype app tile from their Start Screen (by right-clicking on it) so they wouldn't get confused.

  onthelimit1 08:52 08 Nov 2012

Secret Squirrel - that link will be useful - thanks.

  rdave13 09:56 08 Nov 2012

I must say I quite like the new app. As I said you can right click for quick additions but you can also go to top right, settings, and everything is there. Just a matter of preference really.

  iscanut 18:39 08 Nov 2012

Thank you all for the help, especially Secret-Squirrel, just the same problem as me.

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