Skype - what's that?

  Novice-2 08:49 24 Sep 2003

I've been invited to download an IM system called Skype on

click here

Does anybody know if this program is OK and safe to use? It's free, so I'm wondering what they get out of it. They say it works despite firewalls - so can it piggy-back viruses, I wonder?

I would apprreciate any knowledgeable feedback you good people can offer on this before I download it.

  -pops- 09:05 24 Sep 2003

"Skype is the next phenomenon from the people who brought you KaZaA. ... Friends list
shows you when your Skype friends are online and ready to talk or chat;"

That should be enough to put anyone off.

  MAJ 09:05 24 Sep 2003

It's free at the moment because it's still in beta form, i.e. they're using you to test it out, find any bugs etc. click here

  Xzrox 10:45 24 Sep 2003

According to the Skype FAQ on their website:

"What does it cost? - During the beta period Skype is free and helps us to refine and improve our product. Eventually, some features and services of Skype will require a paid subscription or prepayment. Our ambition is to keep the basic functionality of Skype (PC to PC calls) free. More information will be provided once our beta program is complete."

To check out their full FAQ, click here. This program looks promising.

  Xzrox 10:53 24 Sep 2003

"They say it works despite firewalls - so can it piggy-back viruses, I wonder?"

Again, if you look at their FAQ:

On their 'What is Skype?' page, they also inform you:

"Works with all firewall, NAT and routers ? nothing to configure!"

Which means it will work with standard ADSL accounts which work over a NAT configured router.

Although, they do say this on proxies:

"Does Skype support connections through proxies and authenticating firewalls? - Currently, Skype does not support proxies or authenticating firewalls. Stay tuned for more enhanced features in the future."

Hmmm.... I am not sure where you got the immediate idea of 'piggy-backing' viruses?! A bit of paranoia is kicking in there. :-/ A fully updated Adaware reports no foreign objects. :-)

  Novice-2 11:00 24 Sep 2003

All your input has been most helpful and I appreciate it. As far as viruses are concerned, perhaps it's better to be a bit paranoid though - I've heard that they can come in on music and emails!

I'll leave the thread open for today incase anyone else want to chip in when they get home from work.

Best wishes

  mdshamilton 12:52 24 Sep 2003

Most people use the standard IM software by MS, Yahoo or AOL. These are all free and used by lots of people, so if you're interested in IM'ing with friends then I'd stick to the "standards".

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