Skype webcam issue

  thumbscrew 22:01 26 Apr 2010

I've just been using Skype, talking to my daughter who was using her laptop in Dubai, we both had webcams connected.All went well until after about 20 minutes,my picture vanished from the Skype box on screen and, even though I could still see my daughter, she couldn't see me and my image didn't return. Can anyone help please?

  Woolwell 22:08 26 Apr 2010

You can start off with checking the first part of this click here;jsessionid=A9F46CE2E21A64B623DFABD866191120?frompage=category

  Woolwell 22:08 26 Apr 2010

Link should work ok.

  thumbscrew 22:22 26 Apr 2010

Yes thanks Woolwell, I did actually check that before I posted, but it seems more about being unable to get any picture at all, whereas I was sending my image for 20 minutes as I stated, then it dropped.

  Woolwell 23:24 26 Apr 2010

But does it work now?

  thumbscrew 23:32 26 Apr 2010

No, I continued the call with me being able to see her, but no picture from me her end or in my Skype on screen panel. We've finished now.

  Woolwell 09:54 27 Apr 2010

I think that you may have misunderstood me or I have misunderstood you. If you open Skype and go to Tools - Options - Video Settings - you should eb able to see yourself. If you cannot then you need to reset up your webcam.

  thumbscrew 19:42 27 Apr 2010

Sorry mistake....followed your info and, yes my ugly mug appears!

  Woolwell 20:35 27 Apr 2010

It may well work next time. Is there any way you can test without a call to Dubai?

  thumbscrew 21:12 27 Apr 2010

Calling in a few days and I'll re-post either way. Thanks very much Woolwell for your help and patience.

  T0SH 21:57 27 Apr 2010

Not certain on the situation Dubai but, I know for sure that the only two ISP`s in Abu Dhabi activly block all Skype calls, I believe in an attempt to protect very large profits from charges for international calls

Cheers HC

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