Skype Update Comes with add-ons

  Woolwell 12:42 19 Jul 2014

This is not a problem but I was prompted by Microsoft to update my version of Skype which I rarely use nowadays. Before installing I had to untick Click to call, Make Bing my search engine and make MSN my homepage. I really dislike this practice of having to untick. You should opt in rther than having to opt out. Be aware if you are updating.

  Ian in Northampton 13:43 19 Jul 2014

For my own reasons, I have never updated my XP installation past SP2. Touch wood, this has given me few problems. The only problems encountered to date are a) the latest Skype update requires SP3, and won't run without it, and b) Google have changed something in the way Chrome security works, which means, on random perfectly legitimate (e.g. yougov, twitter) web sites, I get the following error:

Cannot connect to the real Something is currently interfering with your secure connection to Try to reload this page in a few minutes or after switching to a new network. If you have recently connected to a new Wi-Fi network, finish logging in before reloading. If you were to visit right now, you might share private information with an attacker. To protect your privacy, Chrome will not load the page until it can establish a secure connection to the real

It's a widely reported problem (and not, it seems, just for XP SP2 users).

IE 6 (!!) also has similar issues.

I've solved that problem by installing Firefox as a third browser... :-)

And yes, before anyone mentions it, I'm well aware of the security risks I'm running.

  spuds 16:53 19 Jul 2014

Is anything really straightforward nowadays, or are we the public asking for to much?.

I wonder how many people read terms and conditions, or just tick the box of acceptance. Then blame everyone and everything, when something goes wrong (thousands if not millions I would imagine)!.

  NewestRoyWidd2 18:25 19 Jul 2014

Woolwell;Thanks for the heads up,my skype is telling me to update it,I'll now be aware of the options.

  Devil Fish 01:00 20 Jul 2014

not had update come through yet but thank you for heads up

  Devil Fish 01:00 20 Jul 2014

not had update come through yet but thank you for heads up

  Devil Fish 01:02 20 Jul 2014

sorry for double post trigger happy

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