Skype runtime error

  Jaro 11:40 30 Oct 2005

Hi, my friend installed skype on his comp and after he tried to run the program he got this message Runtime Error (at8:538):exeption"EldWS2stubError" at address 004670C9 does anyone know what is the problem? he has win 95 installed on his comp.

if the prob is version of the windows which other program instead of skype he could use???

  Splork 11:52 30 Oct 2005

'95 must be told - quoting from their help site they haven't even fully tested it on 98/ME....

"Because it hasn't been fully tested, we have not yet certified Skype for use with these operating systems. Skype may work with Windows 98 (Win98)or ME but we cannot yet guarantee compatibility. Some WinME/9x video (and possibly others) drivers tend to use 100% of processor for their needs for relatively long periods of time. This can cause the audio quality to degrade significantly. In addition, WinME/9x does not offer full unicode support, which means that some things may not display properly. Skype does not work on WinNT at the moment. We may support these platforms in the future and will make any future announcements on our website."

  Splork 11:53 30 Oct 2005

Sorry I mean, `too old` :)

  Splork 11:55 30 Oct 2005

There's a similar program called Gizmo but I believe that's Win2k/XP only.

  Splork 11:59 30 Oct 2005

This one supports 95 click here

  Jaro 12:20 30 Oct 2005

thank you all for help but i need the program which alow me to call my friend for free as skype or ICQ. the program Splork sugested isnt for free you have to pay a credit first.

  Jaro 12:22 30 Oct 2005

sorry Spork it was actually only you who reply my message. so thank you mate but do you know wether the ICQ would work on his PC ?

  Splork 12:27 30 Oct 2005

click here - I can't find out what Windows versions that supports.
ICQ 5 is for Win98+, you can get older versions here click here but it will be alot of trial and error.

  Jaro 12:38 30 Oct 2005

i taled to my friend to try the ICQ pro version and we will see. thanks for that jaja staf will try that one as well. it worth to try. thank you mate for your help. will post back later which one worked. cu mate

  Splork 12:40 30 Oct 2005

No prob, there must something out there that works.

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