is skype really free ?

  Ikelos 14:58 15 Feb 2006

hi, Just been having a study of it, i can not make out where skype makes their money, I think they are now owned by are there hidden costs? or do you just buy a skype phone and off you go......thanks

  dms05 15:07 15 Feb 2006

Yes, it's free between Skype users. You can also make very cheap calls to normal landlines in many parts of the world. An even cheaper provider click here allows free calls to normal landlines across most of the civilised world as well as free calls between VoipCheap customers. You don't even need a handset you can use a microphone and speakers or headphones. Try either, they aren't perfect but the are either free or very cheap.

  Ex plorer 15:09 15 Feb 2006

I dont think its Free but its very cheap
click here

  dmc727 15:10 15 Feb 2006

With having family abroad I use Skype sound / vision quite often with very good results. To use you need to download the Skype program and install a web cam and off you go.

Basically it is free computer to computer where both parties use Skype but charges start when you start to use computer to phone or vice versa.

  Ikelos 15:14 15 Feb 2006

thank you all for that, my son and I are thinking of having some, seeing as he has only a mobile at home, but he does have the laptop on BB.

  €dstowe 15:24 15 Feb 2006

Only a small point but I gave up with it during setup as it wouldn't let me have my chosen name without a whole string of non-memorable numbers after it.

Even after putting in an apparently random selection of letters, it told me that name had already been taken and would only offer it with a string of numbers attached.

May be I was unlucky but after wasting my time and composure on it, I gave up.

  Ikelos 15:26 15 Feb 2006

oh, where does the memorable number thingy come into it like a phone number?

  €dstowe 15:28 15 Feb 2006

I don't know - other people I know have Skype addresses without a string of numbers.

  dmc727 15:45 15 Feb 2006

My “contact” name is as simple as two letters and four numbers. And to register as I recall you provide an email address and have a password.

When asked to complete my profile I kept it to the very bare minimum and the user default ticked to allow only selected contacts.

  Pine Man 15:47 15 Feb 2006

The name is no mystery it is just a user name like the one you have for this forum.

If someone has already used Ikelos, for example, you can't have it as well so you would have to be Ikelos22, for example. Or choose a totally different name.

As long as the person you are calling is a Skype user as well it is certainly free unless you choose some of the add-ons like Voicemail.

Go for it!

  Ikelos 15:52 15 Feb 2006

thank you for that, think we will now go down the road of sorting out a phone....

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