Skype Problems. They can hear me, i cant hear them

  Major Disaster 14:17 01 Oct 2005


I have just downloaded and installed Skpye.

I added my first contact (sent an authorisation thingy) but they never recieved it. Similaryly they aded me and i did not get an authoristaion message either.

He then realised he had an older version of Skype and downloaded and installed the new one.

He then rang me (even though he did not recieve and authoristaion message) and i picked up. There was lots of interfearance and background noise, also his voice sounded very squeaky, mickey mouse sound quality. But apparently he could hear me quite well.

Tried ringin echo123 to test my sound device, but im not sure what options i should be choising.

I am trying to use my Logitech Quickcam Communicate as a microphone.

As Audio In i have the options of: Windows Defualt Service, Camera, Modem #1 line record and SoundMax Digital audio.

As Audio Out i have the options of: Windows defualt service, modem #1 line record and SoundMax Digital audio.

As Ringing, i have the options of: Windows defualt service, modem #1 line record and SoundMax Digital audio.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  Chegs ® 14:25 01 Oct 2005

I have had hassles with audio in/out on Skype and CQ Phone.The Skype app initially refused to recognise my mic,after messing round for a couple of hours,I installed CQ Phone,which worked straight off.A friend installed CQ Phone on their PC to talk to me,only they couldn't call out,or get any sound out.I went round and we decided to try Skype on their PC,this worked straight off,so came home and put Skype onto my PC again.It worked flawlessly this time.While I was walking back home,they had asked her bro to install CQ Phone/Skype and were now able to talk to him with either app.

Seems these apps are slightly user unfriendly,either they work straight off or they cause a heap of headscratching,then decide to work all of their own accord. :-)

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