Skype problem

  kimtrnc 09:47 17 May 2011

I have given up on trying to fix a problem with Skype - keeps going round in circles. The problem: I have 2 skype names - a redundant one (kimig1, which I have not used for years) and the one I now use regularly (kimpavey, which holds my credit and all my contacts) Skype will only allow me to access the "old" name. The "kimpavey" account shows in My Account, and I eventually managed to retrieve my credit, but I am totally unable to access the kimpavey account withing Skype itself. Would like to have my credit back, if possible, but ESSENTIAL that I use this account, because it has all my precious contacts. Please can anyone help?

  onthelimit1 09:50 17 May 2011

Odd -I have several Skype accts for different members of the family on the same email address. What happens when you try to log in? Message?

  Woolwell 09:52 17 May 2011

make sure that you are logged out of the old account.

  kimtrnc 10:01 17 May 2011

I wish I had known that it was as simple as that - thanks for the logout tip. Now, how do I get rid of the unwanted account without shaking everything else out, please?

  Woolwell 10:11 17 May 2011

May not be possible see How to delete Skype name

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