Skype problem

  Chitterlow 10:53 20 Feb 2010

I have recently bought a Logitech webcam and set up SKYPE on my desktop P.C. and managed to make some successful calls to friends. However, every time I shut the P.C. down and reboot SKYPE stops seeing the webcam and there does not appear to be a way to get it back within SKYPE. The only way I can get it to see the webcam again is to re-run the downloaded Skype setup program and everything is OK untill I shut down the PC and boot up again. Can anybody help me with this one?

  Chitterlow 11:22 20 Feb 2010

Thanks for trying to help but Iv'e already tried the SKYPE so called help site your link leads to and this was no help at all. It just gives some FAQs none of which address my problem.

  MAJ 11:33 20 Feb 2010

What happens when you go to Tools > Options > Video Settings in Skype, Chitterlow? Are you saying that Skype reports that it doesn't detect a webcam, even though the webcam is plugged in and turned on?

  Chitterlow 12:01 20 Feb 2010

When Skype is not seeing the webcam and I go to Tools > Options> Video settings I see an error message telling me that Skype can't find the webcam but not offering any way to search for one. It does offer a link to a page "how to set up a webcam" but this is no help at all since all it is telling me is that if I buy a webcam my contacts will be able to see me "Yipee!"
When I go to the Logitech side bar and click on the test button I can see my ugly mug proving that the camera is indeed working.

  onthelimit 12:21 20 Feb 2010

I had this and found that if I unplugged the webcam and then plugged it in again it was seen by skype. I've overcome the problem since, but can't remember how! I'll keep thinking, but in the meantime try this as it's quicker than downloading the prog again.

  tes 12:28 20 Feb 2010

Have you any other chat programs loaded? I had logitech video chat & it played havoc with skype so I uninstalled it & now all is ok.

  onthelimit 12:34 20 Feb 2010

Found this on the Skype forums, and think it may have been the workaround I used. Look at the May 5 2112 post by savvas. click here

  MAJ 12:37 20 Feb 2010

As well as updating Skpe to the latest version, I would also uninstall and reinstall the webcam after downloading the latest drivers from the Logitech website. Make sure you have no other chat programs installed and don't have Skype starting with Windows, only start it when you mean to use it.

  Chitterlow 13:33 20 Feb 2010

Hi Guys
Once again you have come to my rescue. It seems that the problem is caused by Skype starting up before the webcam. If I click on the little green icon on the task bar and close down skype completely then restart skype it then sees the webcam. Perhaps I can find a way to re-arrange the startup order so skype is delayed until the webcam is ready.If anybody can tell me how to go about this I would be grateful, otherwise my problem is solved. Thanks again to everybody who responded.

  MAJ 13:43 20 Feb 2010

Don't have Skype starting at startup, Chitterlow, instead, start it from the desktop icon.

  Technotiger 13:51 20 Feb 2010

Skype - Tools>Options on the General tab untick all the Square boxes, then click on Save!

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