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  Ex plorer 10:25 17 Feb 2012

My son has changed his mobile number and provider.

I have added his new number into Skype and now there is a choice of two numbers.

I have clicked on the new number and a tick is beside it.

When I send him a message its still sending to his obsolete number how can I delete the old number or configure the new one to be used.

I have tried most things double clicking rings him right clicking does nothing I have tried google search but its annoying now as i have to phone him daily. OS Vista

  KRONOS the First 11:36 17 Feb 2012

The process of deleting a phone number from your contact list is the same as deleting a usual contact. You can just right-click then select Remove from Contacts.

But you say you are having trouble with that? Hmmmm It could be that your son will need to remove it from his profile before you can delete it your end.

Might be something here? Skype help.

  Sea Urchin 11:45 17 Feb 2012

Rather than adding a new number you should have edited the original and changed it.

Open your son's Skype page - then right click on the heading eg "Joe Brown mobile" and select Edit Contact. You should now see both numbers in the drop down box. Right click on the one you don't want and select Delete. Then OK.

  Ex plorer 15:05 17 Feb 2012

Cheers have been successful in deleting old number and all is in order now thanks for your help very much appreciated.

Left clicked on call mobile and used trash can next to old number to remove unwanted number, and yes I should have edited the old number.

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