Skype on heaphones without unplugging spkrs?

  Simsy 16:13 28 Apr 2006


I have just started to use Skype and am having a little issue with my soundcard. At least I think that's where the problem is!

What I want to do is have my audio output, as normal, feed my speakers, (via amp), using the main speaker output on the soundcard. I want to have my headset/headphones plugged in at the same time, so that when I want to use Skype I can just turn my speakers off and use the headset. I don't want to be plugging/unplugging...

(This is not about hearing music on speakers at the same time as using Skype to talk... I just want to have my coversations quietly. I do shift work so may be conversing at night, and don't want the other party coming out of the speakers and possibly waking others.)

A have a "Creative 1024" Soundcard.

I have the line output connected to my amplifier. The line output is described as "supporting headphones", and indeed if I plug headphones in there they do work...

There is also a "rear out" connector. It is not deescribed a "supporting headphones", and sure enough, headphones plugged in do not appear to work. Unfortunately, nor do speakers when plugged into this connector.

Thinking that perhaps I wont get an output to the "rear" speaker output on the soundcard if Windows thinks I have a "stereo" setup,I have changed the setup so that Windows thinks I have a quad set up, and then a 5.1 setup, both to no avail.

I suspected perhaps the soundcard was faulty, so I bought a used soundcard on eBay for a couple of quid. It's a virtually identical card, a "Creative Soundblaster Live" card. It seemed to install no problem.

However, with this "new" card I'm in exactly the same situation.

Is it not possible for me to get an output into the headphones at the same time as into the amplifier?

(I realise that a possible solution is an adapter that gives me 2 outputs from a single 3.5m socket, but I'm trying to avoid that.)

Thanks in advance for any advice! (Clutching at straws I wondering if perhaps there are jumper setting I need to change... but I can't find any info!)

I'm using Windows XP.



  Stuartli 16:58 28 Apr 2006

I've answered this query several times in the past and it's very simple to achieve.

Just go to an audio/visual retail outlet and ask for one of these:

click here

It will cost very little.

When you use your headset and mike turn the speakers off and turn the headset's volume control up; obviously you reverse the process for listening to your speakers.

  Stuartli 17:00 28 Apr 2006

Sorry, missed the last section of your query as I scrolled down to the message panel...:-)

But it's the easiest method.

  Bagsey 17:16 28 Apr 2006

Look here
click here

It has proved to be the answer to my problem which was just like yours.Down in price since I bought mine.

  Simsy 17:49 28 Apr 2006

Since my original posting I've done a bit more research...

It seems the best answer might be USB...

Now having jsut bought several headsets for myself and son and dad, who are all in the same position, I don't really want to shell out on lots to replace new headsets... however, I see a heaset on amazon click here appears to be USB via a 3.5 to USB adapter.

If I could get 3 of these cheap I'd settle for that.

The only place I can find so far is click here

Son has Win98se. Is there going to be a driver problem if I go this route do you think?

(I'm driving myself mad with this... it was all suppossed to be a money saving thing!)

Thanks for all the input.



  Stuartli 17:51 28 Apr 2006

Skype is not supposed to work with Win98SE.

  Simsy 17:57 28 Apr 2006

I know... but it does!

I've just discoverd this recently, which is why I'm new to it.



  Audeal 19:18 28 Apr 2006

Another option for you:
click here

  ruskle 20:06 28 Apr 2006

I may be reading your query wrong but the way I have got around this problem is to make a shortcut of my sounds and audio devices settins on my desktop. I then have two settings on it, one for speakers and one for headset. When I use Skype I just click on the shortcut and select headset, when I need my speakers I click on speakers. I have never found it to be a problem and I have used it at least 4 times a week for over a year now.
Argos do a great USB headset (Mikom) I think it was about £14.99.


  Simsy 20:27 29 Apr 2006

for Stuartli's suggestion in the end.

I was worried about different impedences and loading effects...

SHouldn't have worried.. all seems to be fine!




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