Skype echo on other end of phone

  HighTower 12:51 13 May 2007

Anyone here use skype? I picked up a USB Skype Compatible phone which I want to use when I'm on the road. Quality is pretty good and I hear no echo, but sometimes the person I call (to an ordinary phone on SkypeOut) hears the echo of their own voice in their phone.

Anyone know of a solution?

  Graham. 15:19 13 May 2007

It's a common problem. The sound from the speaker/handset is finding it's way into the microphone. All telephones have a degree of 'feedback', or the phone will sound dead when you speak. click here

  Ex plorer 15:28 13 May 2007

This any good
click here

click here

  HighTower 16:08 13 May 2007

Thanks, yes - I found the post on the Skype forum after I had posted here and it appears to have helped, but only time will tell.

I suppose one answer could be to have the USB phone earpiece volume turned down as low as possible so that the USB phone mic doesn't pick it up?

I'll see how it goes. Thanks again.

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