Skype dropping a video call after 4.5 minutes

  howard64 12:09 01 Apr 2010

Does anyone know of a setting anywhere on a pc that could cause this? If my friend and I use windows live messenger we do not get any dropped calls only with skype. My friend wishes to talk with a friend in Canada but gets the same dropped call after approx 5 minutes. The Canadian system works perfectly on skype with other people in Canada so I assume it is a problem with my friends pc which is running vista home premium [I did advise against it being a dinosaur on xp].

  northumbria61 12:19 01 Apr 2010

This LINK refers your problem (although you may have a different ISP)

click here

  howard64 12:30 01 Apr 2010

thanks northumbria61 but neither connected to bt or using wireless. My friend is using a cable modem connected to virgin. Mine is a router using talktalk. Thanks for the heads up I will check both systems for a service checker time.

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