Skype - didn't want it and it's screwing up other programs! :(

  SweetBriar 15:08 28 Jan 2013

I had MS Messenger, with which I was perfectly happy. Then, I was told Messenger was going, and I had to change to Skype - which like an idiot I did. Don't want it, don't use it, don't like it BUT - the worst is, when I'm on other sites - looking at a video, downloading a PDF - etc - I keep getting a message saying somehting like "Skype Click to call has crashed" :( What the hell has that got to do with watching a Youtube video or downloading a PDF file????

It's driving me insane - can anyone help????

Many thanks

  alanrwood 15:47 28 Jan 2013

Look in your browser options and see if there is a Skype Click to call add-on installed. If so just disable it. What it does is to highlight any phone numbers on a web page with a button which allows you to click it and it will be called through the Skype system. I found it pretty useless so I just disabled the add-on and no more problem.

  SweetBriar 15:52 28 Jan 2013

Thanks!!!!! I think I've found the relevant option - fingers crossed! Many thanks, it was driving me mental! Briar

  difarn 15:58 28 Jan 2013

Many people are complaining that the Click to Call was installed without permission when installing Skype or updates. I don't think there is any direct link to Youtube etc but that it is the case that the plug-in is causing the browser to crash. You don't say which browser you are using but you should be able to uninstall or disable this plug-in - possibly from the Control Panel.

The message that you are getting, I assume, is that the skype click to call plug-in has crashed. Reading through some posts on another forum this is very buggy and most people are disabling/uninstalling it.

  alanrwood 16:08 28 Jan 2013

Hope it is now dead as it should be. As it is an add-in I don't think it appears in Control Panel\Programs.

  difarn 17:43 28 Jan 2013

Sorry if it appears that I have repeated advice that others gave but they were not there when I posted. Hope you have found a satisfactory fix.

Sometimes add-ons do appear in Control Panel.

  SweetBriar 17:47 28 Jan 2013

Thanks, guys - think I've disabled it - we'll see if I get any more error messages - they do seem a bit flaming random :( Didn't want Skype anyway much preferred Messenger! Why do they have to "fix" things that ain't broke??????? Cheers Briar

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