SKYPE on Cable Internet Connection

  281apple 10:38 23 May 2008

I've just swtiched from ADSL to Cable and am now connected to Internet by Cable. When I call someone on Skype we are disconnected after one or so minutes. This happens repeadly and I can no longer use Skype. Does that mean that Skype is incompatible with Cable Internet Connections? Any suggestions please.

  Cesare 10:53 23 May 2008

I use and have used Skype with Cable connection for a very long time,, with no problems.
Maybe you should check out your Settings.

  281apple 11:14 23 May 2008

I just called the Cable company and they told me that Skype and Cable are compatible. They are going to get their LOng Distance Call people to check it out anyway. Thank's for you reply since it reassures me that Skype can work with a Cable connection. I'll check the settings.

  281apple 07:46 26 May 2008

I've finally found out what the problem is. I connected my Cable router to a laptop that a friend loaned me and SKYPE worked perfectly. I conclude therefore that the problem is with my computer and not with Skype. I'l reinstall XP. Thanks for your contribution.

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