SKYPE on ARCHOS G9 101 - should it work ?

  Furkin 11:34 23 Jan 2012

Hi all, My Son is going down-under for a few months. Instead of carrying his lap-top to keep in touch - via skype - he bought the Archos tablet.

Unfortunately, he can't seem to get a version of skype to work properly on it, although It works fine on his laptop.

1) Is there a specific version of skype for these tablets ? 2) If not, is there another program that he can use on the Archos, that will connect to his Skype family ? 3) If not, is there another program that can take the place of skype ?

thanks for reading


  northumbria61 11:52 23 Jan 2012

Don't know a lot about the Archos G9-101 but you will need SKYPE for Android - see here enter link description here

Click on the Get Skype Tab and choose Android.

  northumbria61 11:53 23 Jan 2012

OR just noticed - you can download from the first page.

  northumbria61 11:56 23 Jan 2012

There is also a Android App. Download here enter link description here

  T0SH 16:30 23 Jan 2012

You can download and install Skype from the Android Marketplace most of the older android versions support Skype audio but not video so far

Cheers HC

  Furkin 08:38 24 Jan 2012

Thanks guys - have passed the info on to my Son.

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