Hamish 16:03 11 Oct 2004

I have just started using Skype and noted that there are 26,465,404 downloads of the software. It seems good and the latest version came out on 14.9.04. Has anyone any adverse comments on the program. Speech is very clear. Spyke can be found at click here

  jon2 16:25 11 Oct 2004

I have been useing Skype for some time now, although I use it soley for the telephone side and I find it very good and cheap, I do get the odd call dropped but nothing to grumble about. I have tried others but found this to be the best.

  Hamish 16:36 11 Oct 2004

Thanks for that information

  David4637 21:08 11 Oct 2004

Can you use it sucessfully on 56K Dial Up? If so is the audio clear. Thanks David

  Hamish 09:27 12 Oct 2004

I have not used it on dial up but there are other posting on this forum. Type Spyke into the search box. Spyke claim that it works on dial up. Hope this helps.

  David4637 14:55 12 Oct 2004

Thanks will take a look. David

  wallbash 16:10 12 Oct 2004

Small error on Link, goes to skyke an it should go to skype

  Hamish 17:05 12 Oct 2004

Thanks for that Wallbash although Skyke looked - interesting. Big fingers small keyboard

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