918 15:38 06 Dec 2012

Hi all hope everone is well,my daughter who does'nt live with me has Sky and has let me link to the Skygo part of it now as my PC is in my office upstairs,is it possible to somehow link it to my TV downstairs without cables.. Cheers 918 ,;-))

  northumbria61 16:45 06 Dec 2012

Just log-in to SkyGo downstairs - go to Settings - Manage Devices. You can register any two devices per household and watch on one or both at the same time.

  northumbria61 16:47 06 Dec 2012

Should have said - if you log-in downstairs it should register your device automatically.

  918 18:02 06 Dec 2012

First thanks for replying,but i'm not sure what you mean,i did'nt know i could log in to a ordinary TV.,;-/

I thought it might work with some sort of router,or modem type thing..,;-)) Cheers 918..,;-))

  compumac 18:16 06 Dec 2012

northumbria61 His PC is upstairs with SkyGo installed on it and the query is as to whether he can link that upstairs PC with his TV downstairs, at least that is my understanding of his situation. I can link my tablet and phone to my TV via cable to view content from them on the TV so it would seem conceivable that his needs could be met.

  compumac 18:17 06 Dec 2012

Sorry, I just re-read the initial posting - No wires wanted.

  northumbria61 19:56 06 Dec 2012

compumac - looks like I misread the initial posting also. I thought he wanted to link it to a downstairs PC - I didn't see the TV bit. (should have gone to Spec Savers)

918 - Sorry, no you can't as you say just log-in to an ordinary TV.

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