SkyBox Router - Airport Express - Synology ds214play NAS: speed problems with the NAS

  chunking_express 21:45 19 Nov 2014

I have no idea where the problem is so I will describe my whole set up.. I would be so happy if someone who know these things would be so kind and point me in the right direction:

I have a MacBook Pro which is running the latest version of OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

I am in the UK with SKY as brodband provider. I have their router which is called a SKYBOX connected to an AIRPORT EXPRESS with an ethernet cable. The wifi on the Skybox is set to off, and the wifi comes through the Airport Express. When I look in Airport Utility I can see that the Airport Express is set to something called "Double NAT". I don't know if this is the ultimate set up, but it has worked fine.


Yesterday I bought a SYNOLOGY DS214PLAY and connected it with an ethernet cable to the Skybox. The Synology assistent couldn't find the Ds214play so I went into the router settings (there I could see the "Diskstation" as a connected device). I went into the "Adress reservation"-settings and gave the Diskstation an IP Adress. I then put click here ...into my browser and from there I was able to set up the device.

I have one WD red 4tb hdd in the Ds214play and I set it up in BASIC Mode.

Logged in to DSM (5.1) I installed Videostation etc and then turned on "Mac File Service" in "File Services". I went into Finder - Go - Connect to server and connected to afp://and-the.ip..for.the.diskstation

Then I tried to copy a movie to the mounted Video-folder. It was VERY slow. In DSM I could see that the speed was only 200kb.

I have tried to reinstall DSM several times and tried both SMB and AFP. It don't get any faster than 200kb.

Any idea what the problem can be and what I can do ? Any help is greatly appreciated !

  chunking_express 22:24 19 Nov 2014

just to make things totally clear: "DSM" is the operating system of the NAS.

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