SKY Wireless Router +Access Point+ Homeplugs

  PC Advisor Fan 23:35 18 Jan 2010

Hi I have a sky router that I use as a modem with sky broadband, I also have a buffalo wireless access point for the ground floor of my house, that connects to the sky router and I use that as a wireless hub. I would like to use homeplugs to connect another wireless hotspot on the third floor of my house, can you connect another wireless router through homeplugs to the main router?

  mgmcc 22:58 19 Jan 2010

Homeplugs should function in exactly the same way as a "wired" ethernet connection and allow you to install another wireless router in a different location. However, you would probably be better installing another "Wireless Access Point" rather than a "Router", so that your entire network is in the same Subnet (IP address range). If you installed a second router, this would normally need to operate in a different Subnet from the primary router.

  PC Advisor Fan 09:49 20 Jan 2010

If I turn DHCP off from the upstairs router would that work

  mgmcc 09:54 20 Jan 2010

If you connect the incoming ethernet cable to one of the router's LAN ports and disable DHCP, you should be able to use it as a basic Network Switch & Wireless Access Point. Presumably you already have a spare router?

  PC Advisor Fan 10:02 20 Jan 2010

I brought

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  mgmcc 12:25 20 Jan 2010

OK, you can either connect it as I suggested above - connect to one of its LAN ports, disable DHCP and use it as a Switch/W.A.P or you can connect from the Homeplug to its WAN port and use it as a "sub-router".

As a "sub-router", it will get its WAN IP address by DHCP from the main router and in turn will allocate LAN IP addresses to computers connected to it. Normally, its WAN IP address would be an *Internet* address but, because it is connected instead to your main router, its WAN address will actually be a LAN address. It is because of this that it needs to allocate addresses in a different Subnet from that used by the main router. Computers connected to the main router will not communicate with those connected to the sub-router and vice versa, due to their being in different Subnets.

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