Sky Wireless broadband

  nikhil321 14:37 02 Jun 2008

Has anybody tried and succeeded to set up a network using a sky wireless router with a phone line which is not next to the computer? The problem is that the computer is a mac. Is there any way of doing this? I have bought an airport express base station and connected it to the mac via an ethernet cable and configured it but obviously not to pick up the wireless but now when I try to reconnect it using the ethernet cable the airport software does not pick up the base station?

  mgmcc 23:04 02 Jun 2008

Why are you not connecting the Mac directly to the Sky Wireless Router?

As far as I know the "airport express base station" is also a router so it won't communicate with the Sky router (unless it can be set to operate as a Wireless Network Bridge). Although I do have a Mac, I'm not familiar with their airport express base station.

  nikhil321 12:47 03 Jun 2008

There is no way that we can connect the router to the Mac because they are about 30 metres apart. We would have to get an etehrnet cable around the house. anybody else got ideas?

  dms_05 14:24 03 Jun 2008

If you're sole need is to connect the Apple to the Sky Router and (a) you can't run an ethernet cable between them (b) you can't connect the Apple by WiFi to the Sky Router then I'd suggest a HomePlug solution - that's networking over your 240v mains cable. Basically you'd need 2 Homeplugs, one connected to the Sky Routers Ethernet and the other connected to your Apple's Ethernet port. No set up necessary if you buy two from the same manufacturer. I bought 2 off eBay for about £25 each. They are often sold in pairs - and make sure they are the Ethernet variety, some cheap ones use USB socket connection.

  nikhil321 15:07 03 Jun 2008

Thanks a lot. I will look into it.

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