Sky Wireless

  ScabbyUK 20:21 10 Aug 2007

Hey dudes, I'm really ok with PC and internet stuff but I have no exp with Sky wireless.

I was asked to install a wireless set-up at a friends house and all is fine except when you switch on sometimes the wireless does not connect. It doesn't seem to recognise its there and to remedy this it has to be unplugged and re-inserted, presumably so the new harware installer can pick it up.

As I have installed this for an elderly friend I wanted to keep the proceedure for checking her email and surfing as simple as possible,.

Why is this happening and has anyone found a remedy?

thanks for reading, Phil

  postie24 11:07 11 Aug 2007

Try changing the channel in the router setup page,its normally set at 11.
Or try repositoning the router to get a stronger signal.
Have you set up encryption?,if not use WPA2 if not WPA is fine

  Ashrich 00:50 13 Aug 2007

Is this on an older PC ? What OS is it using ? When you say " unplugged and re-inserted " is that a USB adapter or PC Card ? Try booting the PC without the adapter inserted , let it finish starting up completely then insert the device and see if that makes a difference .


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