Sky web page problem

  Enoch 13:39 21 Oct 2006

Can anybody explain to me and correct the problem as to why the right hand panel of information on the Sky News web page appears on my PC (XPhome) right over the centre of the rest of the web page mostly obscuring the view of the newspage. This only happens on the Sky News web pages and on no other news pages of any other

click here

  Enoch 13:43 21 Oct 2006

I have tried to show it with the url link. It shows when I click the link, do not know wether it will show if you click the link because you cannot see MY page but the Sky page. It is the right hand column laying over the centre of the page.

  Technotiger 13:47 21 Oct 2006

Hi, I have clicked on your click-here, the Sky News page looks perfectly normal to me.

  anskyber 13:53 21 Oct 2006

Normal to me too.

  Enoch 13:57 21 Oct 2006

That is my problem, I do not know how to show how it is on my PC. In my case, when I go to the Sky web page, the right hand column is not at the side of the page were you see it, but it has moved across from the right to the middle, obscuring the centre area.

I have a screen shot of the page but I have been trying with the help of the forum to show what it looks like, but obviously I am to thick to understand how to link it to this forum. Other forum members have been trying to help me but with no reults from me

  Technotiger 14:05 21 Oct 2006

click here

I think Imageshack is best.


  Daibus 14:15 21 Oct 2006

Yes I get the same problem with this web page (and some others) as Enoch gets, but only if I open it in Firefox or Opera. If I am using IE the page formats correctly.

  anskyber 14:18 21 Oct 2006

It could as Daibus has suggested be a browser problem. I am on IE7 and it works for me there. What are you using?

  Enoch 14:25 21 Oct 2006

I am still using IE6

I think I finally managed to produce a "Screen Shot". Hopefully this link will show my problem------hopefully, here goes

click here

  anskyber 14:30 21 Oct 2006

Yes it worked. Goodness how many toolbars and plugins have you got!!?!!

If you decide to go to IE7 disable the plug ins first. See the reasons and solution here click here

  VoG II 14:36 21 Oct 2006

It looks the same here click here

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