Sky router problems

  Mester 19:26 06 Apr 2010

I have Sky Broadband unlimited and have never had a problem with it until the other day when my router kept rebooting.
I'm assuming it's rebooting as both the wifi and internet lights go off but the power light stays lit. After a minute or so it's all back up and running.
This is very random and can happen every couple of minutes or every couple of hours.
The router is one of the Netgear ones, DG834GT I think.
I've ordered another router off ebay but was wondering if there are any other likely causes other than the router being faulty.
Router runs fine when working, no problems with speed (14meg DL).

TIA, Tony

  ame 19:45 06 Apr 2010

First make sure your phone line hasn't developed a fault and become "noisy" when you use the phone.

  northumbria61 22:55 06 Apr 2010

Could also be a faulty filter - try another one if you have a spare.

  Mester 08:02 07 Apr 2010

I tried a new filter and moved router to the test socket. Still reboots. If it was the web connection with the server or a sync problem wouldn't just the internet 'I' light just go out as if the line had been disconnected. With this one all the lights, except power go off.

I've logged into the router and looked at the stat's and log but can find nothing that would suggest a line or server problem.

As I said I've got another router coming from ebay. It's another Sky one, Sagem I think. Will this plug straight in or do I need to call Sky and get them to match it to my account?

Thanks again, Tony.

  dms_05 09:04 07 Apr 2010

Sky supply replacement routers for free. The router is hard coded with your account details and password and buying a second user one from ebay means you will be accessing the original users account. This can't be changed and the ONLY way forward is to call Sky and get them to replace the faulty router with a new one which will be authorise on your account before you receive it.

You can use a 3rd party router if you extract the User name and Password from the existing faulty router - Google your needs for detailed information

  Mester 09:29 07 Apr 2010

So a second hand router won't work? Glad I only paid £6 for it.
Problem is I need to confirm my router is faulty. I suspect if I call Sky they're not just going to sent me a new router just because I say the old one has a fault.
On the flip side it's been working fine this morning.

  howard64 09:50 07 Apr 2010

I have an old sky dg834 and by downloading the latest firmware update from netgear you can then set it to your personal details.

  Mester 13:52 07 Apr 2010

Router started dropping out again every few minutes so I phoned sky. unusually I got straight through to a very helpfull chap (In Scotland I assume)who diagnosed the router as faulty.
As It's about 4yrs old they wouldn't cover it under warrenty but as a new one is only £25 and a grade A one is only £6 I don't really have an issue with paying.
Being cheap I opted for the graded one. Hope it works!

Thanks for your reponses.

  reddwarfcrew 22:52 07 Apr 2010

Take a trip over to the forums at click here

The people posting there have a wealth of experience with all the various sky routers.

  Mester 08:12 08 Apr 2010

Thanks, I'd already had a look on Sky User and tried the Upnp fix and checked router stat' etc.
If Sky say the router is faulty and it's only going to cost £6 to get a replacement then I'll give it a go and post the outcome and close this thread in a week or two.
Thanks again.

  Bagsey 09:20 08 Apr 2010

Is your router getting hot befor it gives trouble? If so check out this thread. I refer to BT there but it appears to apply to all of the isp's who give out their own routers.
click here

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