Sky Router blocking internet

  raziel08 20:33 26 May 2010

Hi all

I have been given an old Sky broadband router by a member of my family, i use it only as a router to connect my prnter wirelessly. I can can do this fine but surf the net via a mobile broadband dongle. When i have the router on and i'm connected to the internet and go to another page i get the routers web interface which won't let me open any other sites. I don't have the user name and password which is required to change any settings.

Is there a way that i can prevent the web interface from interfering or should i buy a a new router?

  Strawballs 12:27 27 May 2010

You should only go to it's interface page if you enter it's address into your browser ie Linksys is (don't know what make sky use)

  dms_05 15:33 27 May 2010

Sky use and the default User Name and Password are admin / sky.

  raziel08 21:05 27 May 2010

Thats fantastic, worked brilliantly. I can now change the settings. having looked through the options i can see any settings which look like they relate to my issue.

I want to be able to use it as a router only and don't want the web interface to appear whilst i'm surfing. If i was to put the IP address on a block list would it simply ignore the router an carry on or would it pause the loading of the webpage?

  dms_05 11:39 28 May 2010

You might find a simpler cheap solution to be a Network Switch. Plug one into any of your existing router LAN outlets and you will have 5 additional LAN outlets for a small amount of money click here

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