Sky pull all srvices to blueyonder

  PUNKA 10:23 26 Feb 2007

Anyone else having problems not receiving sky channels through blueyonder ??

  VoG II 10:35 26 Feb 2007

No but I did read that Virgin Media (formerly blueyonder) and Sky had failed to reach agreement on pricing.

  VoG II 10:42 26 Feb 2007
  De Marcus™ 10:51 26 Feb 2007

It all sounds a bit childish imo.

  VoG II 11:05 26 Feb 2007

click here

De Marcus™ - I agree.

  laurie53 11:08 26 Feb 2007

Large amounts of money are never childish.

I think Sky are too big and arrogant, but to be fair in this particular case they are selling something and Virgin are not willing to pay for it.

Market forces surely? Loaf of bread or television package matters not. I'm selling it. If you don't like the price don't buy


  Stuartli 12:46 26 Feb 2007

Actually not willing to pay double the previous price...:-)

Penny to a pound it's sorted any day now and most likely with a small increase in payment from Virgin Media.

Handbags at dawn stuff....

  silverous 13:05 26 Feb 2007

I noticed that Branson's letter in the various newspapers at the weekend had a little dig at Sky's technology suggesting that it wasn't capable of taking their latest offering even if Sky wanted to take it.

  laurie53 21:19 26 Feb 2007

"Actually not willing to pay double the previous price...:-)"

Doesn't matter if it's ten times the previous price, same principle applies - if you think it's too expensive, don't buy.

One of the penalties of a monopoly situation I'm afraid


  Stuartli 01:32 27 Feb 2007

>>One of the penalties of a monopoly situation I'm afraid>>

But the loss of viewers /wouldwill hit Sky more than Virgin.

As I said before, but this time a pound to a penny to correct the odds, Sky will concede leeway to Virgin.

  Les 12:30 02 Mar 2007

I agree with laurie53 - sky are too big and arrogant. I, for one, can do without their services. Personally I am quite content with Freeview, that is when I can drag myself away from the computer 8-)) Dare I say that it is, after all, only television ! We don't have to pay them very large fees - it's entirely a personal decision to buy or not to buy (perchance to regret)- sorry, couldn't resist that! Like anything that is overpriced you just decide to not buy - the seller is then left with a product on which he has spent considerable amounts of money - what choice has he but to sell at a loss - or to find a market elsewhere.

Wandering off the point slightly you can see Sky doing exactly the same as Microsoft - isn't the cost of Vista set far too high, arrogantly thinking that 'they' will pay anything we ask - their dependence on new technology blinding them as to the price they are paying - or am I getting too cynical in my old age?

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