Sky problem

  night 11:19 24 May 2010

Hi, I have Sky subscriptions for TV, Broadband and Phone. I wish to close the whole package and transfer my Broadband and Phone to another ISP, preferably TalkTalk. However, I have now been told by Sky that if I wish to change to them I will have to have my phone number changed. I don't understand why this is necessary and am very angry that this should be so. Is it a ploy by Sky to keep me as a customer.

Has anyybody else been a Sky customer and have had this been told to them when they wanted to transfer?

Please, can anybody advise me on this matter.

Regards, night.

  birdface 11:42 24 May 2010

You can take your mobile phone number with you when switching so I would imagine you can take your home phone number with you as well.
Best asking Talk Talk and see what they say.

  ^wave^ 11:47 24 May 2010

i assume this is a land line and your rent is with sky i think you will have to get bt to take the rental first then you just get a mac number from sky for the broadband

  night 11:52 24 May 2010

TalkTalk are saying the line is 'tagged' by Sky. If I want to come out of Sky I will have to go back to BT first and pay for a new telephone line. Imagine the cost of that!

  night 11:53 24 May 2010

I am going to ring Ofocm and see what they say..

  birdface 12:09 24 May 2010

You could always try Virginmedia and see what they say.

  night 09:10 25 May 2010

Hi Buteman and many thanks for your reply I have been in touch with Ofcom and they have taken the case up so I awaite to hear from them and will report when I hear many thanks Night

  dms_05 09:35 25 May 2010

Many months ago all Sky customer who took the Sky Talk and/or Sky Broadband packages were offered two option on the 'network'. Everyone received this offer but a very large number never bothered to read the document. The offer was basically to opt into Sky's own telephony network (default, no action necessary) or opt to stay with BT for their 'network' but that required a positive action on the part of the customer. If you took no action then you were switched to the Sky LLU network which is totally independent of BT.

If you now wish to switch to TT the prime requirement is you need a BT number. You obviously didn't opt to stay with BT and are now on the Sky network. So you don't have a BT number and so aren't eligible for TT services.

If you now wish to return to the BT network you will need to pay BT to arrange this. They usually view this as a new line and theoretically will ask for about £150. However many have found that asking BT to take you back will produce an offer of free transfer is you take on BT services for a minimum period (of typically 18 months) which would mean you couldn't switch to TT until 2012.

The real lesson to be learn is 'read all incoming literature from suppliers of all services'. Sky won't accept a plea of 'I never received it' when everyone effected was mailed with details.

  Woolwell 10:56 25 May 2010

You state all Sky customers but surely that depends on whether your exchange is LLU enabled or not. Mine isn't. This doesn't affect me as I'm not with Sky but if night's line is not LLU then what is the problem?

  Dark Mantis 11:07 25 May 2010

More information here but it doesn't look good:
click here

  dms_05 11:35 25 May 2010

Woolwell - the OP probably is with a LLU exchange, otherwise he would be using Sky Connect which is a simple rebrand of a BT product where the exchange hasn't been LLU'd. If he was on Sky Connect I can't see any problems but as he has a problem it seems likely he has the Sky telephony network rather than the BT telephony network. If he is with Sky then he isn't with BT whereas in the past it was possible to have Sky Talk and Sky Broadband whilst using the BT network as it's backbone. Now many(most?) Sky customers with Sky Talk and Sky Broadband are exclusively on Sky copper networks. I suppose the question is 'Does the OP still receive a BT bill and pay his Line Rental to BT?'

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