Sky+ on a PC

  Comical Ali 18:09 29 Aug 2005

Can this be done does any body do this and is it as user friendly as Sky+
I've got an idea how to do it, but wondered if there's any one out there who has and is pleased with the performance

  Technotiger 18:37 29 Aug 2005

Hi, sorry I can't help on your question - but this is just a personal observation/thought:-

You might get more response if you changed your Forum Name to something with less despicable connotations.


  Comical Ali 18:59 29 Aug 2005

I'm so sorry if I offend, however I am not CHANGING MY name, which is personal to me, just because some people take it wrong. My nickname is Ali, and I'm a funny guy a cockney born and bred, and if I change my name these people have a victory!I didn't give in with the IRA onslaught on London, neither will I now

  sinbad1 19:44 29 Aug 2005

not sure what you want?
i have sky tv and terrestrial tv running on my computer. You will need a tv card the rest is strait forward.
perhaps more info would be usefull

  woodchip 19:46 29 Aug 2005

Why not buy a Video Sender

  DieSse 19:53 29 Aug 2005

The ONLY way to get the full range of Sky satTV is with a Sky Digibox (and relevant card). There is no receiver made for the PC that will do this.

But you query has a myriad possibilities of what you actually want to do - if you can explain a bit more - maybe someone can help better.

Otherwise the simpla answer is to use a videosender from your existing Digibox (as per woodchip), or get an extra one linked into your PC.

  Technotiger 20:22 29 Aug 2005

OK - no hard feelings Friend - point taken.


  Comical Ali 23:59 29 Aug 2005

Videosender from digibox to TV PVR card to hard drive is what I gathered
Thanks all

Technotiger, none at all me old china!!

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