Sky + info please

  Bike-it 13:12 17 Jan 2010

i have sky but if i want to change the digi box to Sky + do i need any more bits and pieces, or is it just a matter of removing the old box and plugging in the Sky + box?

  bremner 13:33 17 Jan 2010

Straight swap

  bremner 13:35 17 Jan 2010

Sorry please ignore the above.

I think you will find that with Sky + and HD need to have the double cable from the dish terminating in two connections.

  Bike-it 13:43 17 Jan 2010

Two cables coming from the dish to the back of the sky + box, is this what you mean?

  Spark6 13:46 17 Jan 2010

Are you thinking of this as a DIY project? If so, forget it!

  User-312386 13:48 17 Jan 2010

As bremner has said it need 2 cables for sky+, if you already have the sky+ box, just call out sky, i think they charge something in the region of £70!

  bremner 14:22 17 Jan 2010

Yes - depending on the installer it can be one big cable or two cables but in each case it will terminate in two connections to the box.

  shellship 15:17 17 Jan 2010

It will cost you more each month (£10?) but worth every penny.

  DieSse 15:33 17 Jan 2010

It may be stating the obvious - but it also needs an LNB with at least two outputs, to attach the two cables to, at the dish end.

Plus, as said you need a subscription to Sky+ - you cannot use the recording function at all without a subscription.

  Bike-it 17:04 17 Jan 2010

Thanks to all who replied.
My current set up is sky in the living room sky multiroom in son's bedroom, i have a digital cable coming from the dish going across the attic and down conduit which comes into the livingroom behind the TV, so i cannot get another cable to fit inside the conduit as there are other cables in there as well, as for doing it myself i was letting Sky do the install, but i hate cables on the outside of my house.

  FRANKMAC 21:24 17 Jan 2010

No simple solution !

I had similar set up (although cables were outside). I upgraded to Sky + in the living room(and yes i think it is very good)and left my son with normal sky box in his room.
As others have pointed out you will need an extra feed from the dish to your box. This will give you Sky + in the living room. Your sons will remain the same normal sky box. (if he has sky + too you will need another cable to his room) On my old set up i never bothered having the telephone line connnected to my box, to try and use some of the interactive services this time i agreed. Just want to point out, the engineers are contractors and paid a set price for each install, and for this reason they will take the shortest / ugliest route between the 2 points, so make sure you are there to direct them. I wasnt and took me 6 months of arguing to get them back to make a decent job of it.
I also wouldnt pay the £70, ring them and tell them you want sky + and that you are not going to pay for it, you maybe supprised in their response.

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