Sky+ HD and internet access problem

  Munchkin 21:26 08 May 2010

I have just had a Sky upgrade from the standard set up to Sky+ HD,which of course is connected to my telephone line. I now get a dialogue box on my PC informing me that there is insufficient band width preventing me from making my broadband connection with the internet. I didn't have this problem with my standard Sky box, what's the solution? Do I need another ADSL filter at the Sky+ HD box, I don't see why, since I didn't have this problem with the standard Sky box. Any suggestions?

  eedcam 22:35 08 May 2010

No problem for me with sky and HD and broadband.Though I'm not using sky as my provider and am just connected via an extension line fro the socket

  reddwarfcrew 00:10 09 May 2010

Yup, you need a filter on every socket. If it was fine before then you were just getting lucky!!!

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