sky digi box

  pete h 17:48 27 Oct 2010

hya does anyone know how to dissable a sky box without removing the card? someone is using my freinds box without permission and she needs it to look as if its got a fault but also be able to use it herself when she needs to. i am thinking of telling her to put a piece of sellotape over the card gold contact for now, will this work?


  961 17:56 27 Oct 2010

The box will still work on the free channels even if you remove the card

If you put sellotape over the chip you'll find the card won't work after you peel it off

Why not set the parental code on the card so that it will not work on the premium channels without a pin number inserted

  morddwyd 19:47 27 Oct 2010

Spill coffee or something on the card to ruin it.

Get a new one from Sky.

Then swap them over as required.

  pete h 08:52 28 Oct 2010

morddwyd my friend only wants to try and stop other people in her house from using the box and not completely knacker it. she wants the box to appear to be broken without it being if you know what i mean, so the idea of parental control wont work. surely there is someone out there who works for SKY who can help.

  pete h 08:54 28 Oct 2010

ahhhhhhhhhhhh sorry morddwyd i just read your comment correctly. yea sounds like a good idea i will pass that on to her, thanks

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