Sky By Broadband program fails to run

  I can't fix it ! 14:13 17 Mar 2006

I installed Sky By Broadband but when I try to run the program, after an interval of about 30 seconds, an error message is displayed saying "An unexpecged error occurred. Please report this error to Customer Services.......quoting the error code shown, and the circumstance in which it occurred." In fact no error code is displayed.

I've been through the whole Sky fault reporting procedure by email, over a period of several weeks. I finally received a phone call from an "advisor", who said I had a fault with Windows, and I should take this up with Microsoft!

Does anyone have any ideas? I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.

  Jdoki 15:19 17 Mar 2006

Here's a link to a thread in another forum, post #16 may be a starting point.

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Also here for a bit more discussion about how Sky by Broadband is a bit of a stealth P2P experiment. There is only a brief mention in the T's and C's about the install of Kontiki P2P software, and the implication I got from Sky was that the movie would be downloaded directly from them, rather than across a P2P network.

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