Sky Broadband problem

  superhoops 22:30 12 Feb 2007

I have Sky Broadband Mid package. I use Firefox and Thunderbird but also Have IE7 and Opera installed. Several times a day when i start Firefox only about a third of the tabs will load with the rest displaying "server not found". At the same time Thunderbird will not send or receive or will send but not receive or vice versa. Starting up IE7 or Opera has the same result where only a few tabs load. Rebooting the modem has no effect. The only way to resume normal service is to reboot the computer. And then a little later the same problems re-occur. I have rung sky who were spectactularly unhelpful. Any ideas???

  STREETWORK 22:40 12 Feb 2007

Which firewall are you using?

click here

  rodriguez 22:43 12 Feb 2007

I've had this problem with them. Basically I think it's to do with their DNS servers which makes the connection cut out. This could be to do with a lot of people using the service. The problem for me has faded, but I've been with Sky for a few months and even on some days I still get connection problems. I tried turning off the UPnP on the router and that seemed to work for a bit, however the problem returned a few weeks later. I read something about a "training period" in which you leave the router switched on and connected for a few days, which could have improved my connection. If he problem carries on, phone technical support again (try 0800 0512595 for a free number from click here) and say you think it could be a problem with their DNS server and/or phone exchange as other people are having the same problem. My area's in the West Midlands and it uses the Blackheath exchange, so I don't know how far away you are from this area but if you'tr quite a way away I'd suspect a problem at Sky's end.

  superhoops 23:47 12 Feb 2007

Thanks for the replies. STREETWORK I have Zonealarm. I have read through your link. It says that extensions could be the problem and to start it in firefox safe mode. I did that and its made it even worse and none of the tabs opened! A lot to read in that link, will work my way through it.
Rodrigues, I have tried turning of UPnP before but it made no difference. I will try ringing Sky again and see how I get on.

  brainstorm 21:37 25 Jun 2007

Looks like I am not alone after all, albeit this was first posted in Feb. I have spent 3 weeks on and off the phone to sky at tiers 1, 2 ,3 and back and forth, and back and forth. I've had a new sky box replaced all the micro filters and still its at best erratic and at worst not working at all. Today I have had no problem whizzing around pc advisor and other sites, but the moment I switch users all is lost and pages will not load. Similarly email sometimes works and sometimes does not. My guess is its either the line/server or something triggered by switching users or sending/receiving email. I am getting to the point of chucking it in and going back to Telewest (now Virgin). If it wasn't for my boys love of footy I wouldn't have allowed Murdoch in the house, but there you go... You are my boy's last chance. Any ideas?

  superhoops 22:05 25 Jun 2007

I solved this problem by changing my firewall from Zonealarm. Once I had done that all was, and still is fine. Could that be your problem?

  brainstorm 12:08 30 Jun 2007

I have Macafee (provided by sky) and no zone alarm. However I also have adaware and spybot search and destroy. Could these be conflicting? The sky techies don'r appear to be bothered (not mentioning it at all) although they have tried to solve it with Macafee disabled - but that had no effect.

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