Sky Broadband - Not connected

  dchubb 13:25 29 Jun 2007

Been having an absolute shocker with Sky Broadband.

After weeks of waiting for connection and router to arrive, I finally get connected and connection is excellent for one day. Following that it no longer works and gives DNS server not found.

The router has all of the correct lights on and I've been taken through all the obvious tests by Sky a number of times. They've tested the line and apparantly BT say it is OK as well.

Constant harassment by me to the helpline has led to discussion with L3 technical support. They cannot see the internet light is on at "the exchange" so suggested it was the router - waited another two weeks for the router to arrive - and it made no difference.

More discussions with Level 3 have led them to get BT to check some things but I'm not confident that they have a clue what the problem is. It's now been 6 weeks since our initial activation.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

  A-Nonymous 13:31 29 Jun 2007

It may be the laptop itself not the router. How are you connected? (Wireless, ethernet?)

  A-Nonymous 13:31 29 Jun 2007

Im assuming its wireless??

  mark_jm 14:36 29 Jun 2007

Try switching provisders SKY are rubish.

  postie24 14:47 29 Jun 2007

Have you looked in internet protocol properties and checked to see if the obtain DNS server automitically box is ticked ?

  dchubb 16:06 29 Jun 2007

Don't think its the laptop as it was working with the same settings when I first connected.

The router is connected by wireless or by LAN, no problem with either. Its not the router either I don't think.

The router is seeing an internet connection just possibly not my sky one - just wondering if the people renting my flat before me may have been connected to a different ISP and not disconnected correctly and this may be causing me an issue?

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